Jose A. Ramirez

Founder & CEO

12 years leading B2B Research, Product Development & Innovation at $3 B Diversey.

Jose is an accomplished inventor and entrepreneur. He invented and commercialized safer, more effective disinfection and sterilization technologies and started two other companies based on his inventions.


J. Rudi Strickler

R&D Collaborator (2014-2015)

Distinguished Shaw Professor, UWM.

World expert on laser optics and the study of micro-fluid phenomena.

Key collaborator for diffuser & sensor development.


Larry J. Pillote


30 yr career at $5 B Sealed Air Corp. including stints managing Sales, Manufacturing, and Innovation.

Established Smart Services at Sealed Air. Advises on Business Development, Operations and Strategy.


William V. Hickey

Advisor and Investor

Ex Chairman and CEO of $5 B Sealed Air Corp. Operating advisor to PE firm Ares Management.

Bill advises on strategy, finance, operations – ensures we focus on achieving our goals.

The Mikroflot Story

Mikroflot Technologies began with the earlier work done by the founder in the 1990’s for his doctorate thesis, consisting of modeling the collision and capture process of fine suspended micron-sized particles or droplets suspended in a liquid by rising gas bubbles of a similar size. These principles led to the development of a combination of patent pending microflotation technologies that could be harnessed to eliminate the high financial and environmental costs — and complexity — associated with onsite industrial wastewater treatment.

The Mikroflot Technologies solution is specifically targeted to the $2.5 Billion (US only) market comprised of mid to small sized Dairy and Protein Processing, Industrial Laundries, Metal Working, O&G, Chemicals, Beverages/Brewing, and Transportation Facilities.

The company is currently finalizing its working prototypes and will complete field testing in target facility types over the next 12 months.